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At Tangent Labs we've come startlingly close to standardising the service layer.


Code Monkey

Alex Moon

Got yourself banned by DenyHosts? Why not give DenyHosts-unban a whirl


Often people will get themselves banned from a server because they used the wrong SSH key or they simply forgot their passphrase or even password. This simple little piece of tech will help your Sys Admins/DevOps deal with these minor annoyances with greater ease.

Lunch Frisbee

by Alex

The Tangent Labs team have made a habit of taking a couple of frisbees to the park at lunch time. Alex ruminates on the reasons why.

Git tagging with Fabric


Over on, David Winterbottom has written up a Fabric function for elegantly handling git tagging when running deployments. Such a function is part of all python deployment scripts used at Tangent Labs - it helps ensure that every build is either tagged or has a build number that helps QA determine where in the release cycle an integration build is.